Here's a story of a lovely lady

Who was living with two boys of her own... They were three Huckabys living all together, yet they were all alone. Then this one day when this lady met these girls, and they knew it was much more than a hunch...

Okay, I just couldn't resist. For the record this is Tricia writing, not Kelly. He would be sad to think folks associated the above Brady Bunch silliness with him so you can all be sure that I am the goofball.

Today was our first day spending pretty much the whole day with the girls. It would be impossible to describe all the weird thoughts and feelings we were all having... and actually it would be impossible to describe what Mutale, Ethel and Lucas were feeling since we can't get a whole lot out of any of them. But for the most part the kids seemed to have a good day. We decorated a little fake Christmas tree I bought and the kids were definitely stoked. And I was stoked too because honestly, I love Christmas lights and it finally started to feel a bit like Christmas today.

Besides play, these girls can also paint very well. And they also EAT. Man, they can really eat. There goes that food budget. And the last thing they can do a lot of is go to the bathroom. Man, with Lucas still not really potty trained I was unprepared for taking kids to the bathroom all the time. Boy oh boy, little kids have to go the bathroom a lot. We are really going to stay on top of that. And we also need to bring spare clothes in the car for each one of them. We are so out of our league!!!! Thank you God that you are going to fill in some of the gaps for us!

PS... we really want to post lots of pictures but we aren't entirely sure about the legality of that. We aren't really allowed to take and use pictures of orphans according to the orphanage. So we may have to wait until the girls have been officially released into our custody. Sorry!!! Needless to say, they are really cute and they can jump quite high.


Anonymous said…
it sounds like you had a great day, busy but good :) miss you!