Unlikely family

Of course I, Tricia, have been thinking about adoption lately. And one of the things that came to my mind is what an interesting mix we will all be when Mutale and Ethel join us permanently. I think we will look like an unlikely family indeed. I am bracing myself for the questions I will probably hear from perfect strangers at the grocery store.

But it also makes me so excited that God is bringing us together. These little crumbgrabbers that seem like an unlikely addition to our family, well God has known from before I was even born that they would be my daughters.

And I can't help but stand in awe of God's Church, his family on earth and how he continually adopts the most unlikely people into his family... me for one! Visiting all these different churches since we have been in Zambia has given me a beautiful and broad view of God's family in this part of the world and it is truly humbling. These are my brothers and sisters!!! The family from New Zealand working here at a clinic, a man from Zimbabwe and his wife from Michigan, two teachers from Belgium, not to mention of course the very diverse group of Zambians who live in this crazy city! You put us all together and we don't look like a family really, but because of Jesus Christ we are completely and totally bound together... God's very own special United Colors of Benetton commercial.