Addition to the Huckaby Family!

So we’ve added yet another member to the Huckaby family. Last week we bought a tiny kitten from one of the car-to-car vendors on the corners of Great East and Addis Ababa. We named her Katykat after our favorite first visitor from home. Well, like parenthood in general we have no idea what we are doing with this cat. Tricia is totally smitten with its little kitten cuteness. Lucas wants to pick it up and throw it. And the girls run and shriek in fear when it bounds down the hall after them. (On a side note, is it wrong to be amused by the blatant fear that full grown Zambians have of a kitten? It’s pretty funny to see them leap back when they see it!) Cat food is expensive and so we feed it cheap crackers with milk or greasy canned mackerel. But really we bought the cat for Camp Ciyanjano. Because it’s out in the bush a little bit in an agricultural area we often get rats from the fields infesting the houses. In Zambia, wherever there are rats there are also snakes. So killing rats is a priority!! Hence the cat. Anyway, I guess we should take it to the vet and get it some shots and deworming and such but we’ve been super busy with visitors and building plans. And it also looks like we need to change the cat’s name from Katy to Lil’ Pete.


Kelly & Tricia said…
Officially changed the cat's name to Pete after the vet confirmed our fears that she is actually a he. Did we mention we aren't experienced pet owners??
Anonymous said…
Whee! Pictures? Why are people in Lusaka afraid of kittens? Ate at the Cheerful for Easter breakfast, thought of you guys. Said hi to Paige for you. :) They were playing Paul Simon. It was the first sunrise service that we haven't had rain or indeed, needed to dress in a gazillion layers for. Love you guys.