Another note about the Rules of the Road

Maybe people get sick of hearing about driving in foreign countries, but I just have to tell you this little story. The other day I was driving our truck back from a friend's house after dinnertime. I was pretty nervous because it was twilight which is a very dangerous time to drive in Lusaka, and not because of teenage vampires. It's actually very difficult to see around here because there are no street lights, people don't turn their headlights on, and there are a million pedestrians around who happen to be black.

Also, I had our whole family in the truck along with our guests, Isaac and April. Why was I driving, you may ask? Kelly was feeling really sick so I had spent most of the day driving.

Okay, so I am driving along, my knuckles white with anxiety on the wheel, and I come to a four-way stop. Blam! I get rear-ended. Thankfully, I could tell it was not a big deal because it didn't feel like we got hit very hard but I pulled off to the side anyway and asked Kelly to get out and check out the situation. Turns out it's another m'zungu woman! And what does she tell Kelly?! "I'm really sorry I hit you; I just didn't expect you to stop." What?! That's right, folks. She didn't expect me to come to a complete stop at the stop sign.

Welcome to Zambia. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Those are the Rules of the Road.