Body Language

This morning we had to go to Social Welfare to sign all the final papers for the adoption to be submitted to the courts for approval by a judge. Very exciting! Since I don't have a househelper right now it has been hard to find someone who can watch the kids for us on short notice so we decided to take all of the kids with us... assuming it was going to be a quick thing (yeah, right!)

Anyway, as we filed along the depressing concrete hallways with the kids we passed a lady in the hallway and Lucas says very loudly, "Mommy, look at those really big boobies!"

Of course I was taken aback and said quietly, "Um, Lucas, that's not a very polite thing to say." Now the advantage of being in Lusaka at the very uncomfortable moment was that by the look on the woman's face I think that quite possibly she had no idea what Lucas had said... probably a Nyanja speaker. However, the youth next to her obviously had understood and I could tell by the way he was violently laughing. I can't blame him for that because it was rather difficult for Kelly and I not to laugh as well... I mean, she did have some really big boobies.