Here Comes the Judge... Here Comes the Judge...

Well, that's what we were hoping anyway. So far we've had three appointments with a magistrate to complete our adoption of Ethel and Mutale. One cancellation followed by two no-shows. At our last appointment a marshall finally came and told us that the magistrate seemed to be having some kind of personal problem and was not answering anyone's calls. He thought we should wait and reschedule for early June.

So basically, my understanding is that the process of finalizing an adoption sort of falls outside of the magistrates' regular duties. These magistrates get assigned cases but they sort of have to just fit them into their schedule somehow. Apparently there is not a lot of structure laid down for cases like ours. There were only 8 adoptions from Zambia last year to American families, I guess.

The girls were definitely disappointed when our appointment was fruitless, yet again. Ethel especially. But we are a family now whether a magistrate sees us today or tomorrow, and we explained that to the children. Please pray with us that we will be able to finalize this adoption very soon. We all want these girls to be officially Huckabys!


colorcuttergirl said…
I will pray my friend! I love seeing your pictures and everything on facebook and the newsletters. I love the brady bunch like postcard! You have so much life and love in your faces! The Lord is Good! Love you much