The Scoop on Our House Building Project (Part 2)

So the cat's out of the bag. If you got our Ciyanjano newsletter you know that we moved out to Camp Ciyanjano at the beginning of the month. The reasons why are many - first and formost is that we absolutely need to live on site in order to oversee the development and growth of this ministry. We have a number of awesome projects happening out here right now and we hope to be building our house soon as well. So here we are living in a hut. Our first two weeks have ben pretty amazing. We love living out here. It's ridiculously beautiful this time of year. It's supposed to be the "cold season" but everyday is like the nicest summer day in Bellingham. High of 80 low of 55. But 55 is chilly in the morning to our newly thinned blood! We had a big yard sale to get rid of lots of old junk (and make space for new junk) and were able to meet a bunch of our neighbors. We've been keeping the whole thing quiet as we waited for ACTION to get our letter out announce our move. We love the hut. But it is seriously too small for us. Living in the same room as your children is not cool. Enough said. Please give towards building our house! Save us from this insanity! We're getting closer every month and we're at 45%!! javascript:void(0)