Last and Late Christmas Party

This last week we had the opportunity to hold one last Christmas party. Sure it was a little late, but really we want celebrate Christmas all year. We had the boys over from Kakabalika for a game of pick up football, a huge dinner, a time for gifts and a movie. Kakabalika is a house and school for boys that are off the street. It's home to 30-40 boys and is a great ministry operated by the church we attend here in Zambia. The boys are aged 11-20(ish) and are such an awesome group. We had a huge dinner of beans and franks with nshima and salads. Tricia made an absolute TON of food and the boys polished it off without much trouble. We are also able to give each boy a pair of tropicals (flip flops), an exercise book for school, and most importantly, we had the funds to give each boy their own bible. I'm so thankful the work that the church, staff and missionaries have put into building up those boys!! And thank you to all of our supporters who made these Christmas parties possible. We can't wait for our Christmas in July parties!!