A Year of Thanksgiving

In reflecting on the goodness of God we have so much to be thankful for this year. It's crazy.

At the risk of sounding like Kanye at the Grammys, I'd like to give a shout out to the Lord first and foremost. He is good and has sustained us for a year in ministry and life in central Africa. Not just sustained but we see bounty, provision, presence, and love that is overflowing for the likes of proud, foolish and boastful sinners such as ourselves. Overall we've had good health and have been strong enough to do some good work (and even start a garden).

I'd like to also take the time to thank some people in no particular order and know that if you are not specifically mentioned we still love you, are thankful for you and you're in good company.

- to our faithful supporters who have been with us in giving and prayer throughout the year. We can't do anything here without you. We love you.

-to our home church, Oikos. Thank you for not forgetting us and for loving us and supporting us and caring and praying for us. We love you deeply and desire greatly to see you here in the field with us. We love you.

-to our families. We know it was tough when we packed up and moved to Africa with your only grandson. You have been so supportive and helpful in a thousand ways and thank you thank you for welcoming our girls into the family. We love you.

-to our team. You guys are awesome and our endurance in this race is only possible with your constant companionship, fellowship, encouragement, and helps. We love you.

-to our girls. It's been one year this week since we brought you out of your orphanages. Our life would not be complete without you. We're so excited to see you growing in so many ways. We love you.

-to our little man, Lucas. You are such a champ! Thanks for being so flexible. We love you.

-to Megan Bloemker for your faithful help in getting through the bureaucratic nightmare of adoption in Zambia. May your legs always be strong enough to jump through the hoops! We love you.

-to our friends in Zambia. Thanks for your understanding and emotional support in our adoption, and life and ministry here. It's hard to imagine Lusaka without some you. We love you.

-to our Ciyanjano staff and their families. What can we say? Life at the farm would be unbelievably difficult without your knowledge and help in language, culture, etc. Thank you for your friendship and trust. We love you.

-to our teacher, Violet. Wow. It is an amazing blessing to have someone that you can trust with your kids. Thank you for your special care of our children and your friendship to us. We love you.

-to our friends, Dave and Kim Breuninger from Koinonia camp. You rule. We love you.

Again, there are many, many more and rest assured, WE LOVE YOU!