Housework -WE ARE SO CLOSE!

Howdy Hugablog followers and robotic spammers,
We cannot describe to you the feelings of joy and excitement we are having in seeing the house we (and you) are building getting so close to completion. We've been in the hut for 10 months. Don't get me wrong - it's a nice hut, but we are going a bit nuts. We desperately need the space. We need some peace and quiet. I need to be able to go for a walk at 5am without waking up my kids because they sleep two feet from the front door. I need a quiet place to read my bible without hearing the roaring screams of my insane children as they "quietly" color at the kitchen table which is five feet from my reading chair in our "bedroom." I need to sit on my patio and not be surrounded by a dozen people and half dozen children that are not my own. I know that our peace and contentment should only come from the Lord but we need the space and quiet and peace or we might lose our minds. I don't want to make this house - or moving into this house into an idol. I know that God has sustained us in a space that is very small for an American family of 5. I know that God has used this time to build us up in humility and grace and patience and contentment and peace. But... It's time to move!!! We are about $3000 short of moving in and we could be done as early as April 1. Anyway, we'll have a spare bedroom if you find yourself on our side of the world. And if seeing us isn't enough it's 80 degrees today and the fire ants are barely biting.


Ted K. said…
Spare bedroom you say? Sounds like a great idea. I am glad it is so close to completion.
Pete said…
Can't wait to see it! Very excited for you guys!
Jen Harris said…
You guys are awesome! So exited for your new house!!!