Zambia's Chipolopolo Football Club Takes African Cup of Nations!

If you're a fan of American sports then you can understand what it's like when your home team wins the biggest game of the year - think Superbowl or Stanley Cup. If you're from the PNW you might not know how this feels, but you can imagine it right? In 1993 the Zambian team was looking fit and sharp enough to win the African Cup of Nations but the entire team perished in a terrible plane crash. Since then Zambia has lived under this shadow and today they're seeing the sun shining again. The Chipolopolo boys beet Ivory Coast last night to secure the prize and the people in Lusaka are celebrating like they won the Superbowl, Stanley Cup and whatever they call the big basketball game all rolled into one. From about 12:30am or so when the match finished we could hear a roaring and cheering that sounded not unlike the sounds that Will Smith hears when he sleeps off a long day of Zombie killing in his bathtub in the movie I Am Legend. But I digress. Today the streets were PACKED with people in facepaint, Zambia flag chitenge, and whistles and horns. Cars overflowed with people and large trucks had their flatbeds crowded with dancing and singing celebrants. It seemed like the entire city was on Great North Road to welcome the team back from the airport and see them at a rally at the Showgrounds. It was an amazing sight and the sound was unbelievably loud. A very exciting day for Zambia and we're glad to be here for the festivities.