First Pastors' Conference for Class of '15

After spending the last year mostly on the house project and getting very little time to do much else, this weekend was just what we needed. We got to do our real jobs! ACTION Pastors College held their first conference on Saturday. All the new pastors were invited along with their wives and one elder or deacon from their church. Our assistant director and the leader of the Pastoral Leadership Development program for AZ led teaching about the vision and purpose of AZ's program. Pastor Bruce McKanna from a church in Mount Morris IL. that supports AZ in a major way also taught some sessions. Teammate Karen Singleton and with Bruce's wife Katie taught sessions with the pastors' wives as well. I was in charge of making sure the physical property was looking great and making sure all the requests and needs of the teachers were taken care of so that they could do have the things they needed to teach with out having to do any set up or tear down of chairs, PA systems, props, tables etc. Tricia organized food for the 50 guests, making tea and banana cake for the morning and making beans and helping prepare greens and nsima for our lunch break. What a great time and what was especially nice was to just be able to do our jobs here at Ciyanjano. To host and help and take care of the details behind the scenes!