Off the Grid (Back to the Grind)

So you might have noticed that after we moved into the new house we disappeared from the huckablog and have been laying low on FB (except for that recent massive upload of pics) and if we've been slow responding to an email we're sorry. One week after we moved over my parents arrived. A week after that my brother arrived and I took them down to see Victoria Falls which was amazing and WET! It was so fun to see all the Zambians there enjoying themselves so much. And getting soaked. We also spent a day and night in Chobe Park Safari. Also a great time. Saw lots of animals and ate way too much at the buffet. Amarula ice cream = wow. Tricia held down the fort back home and when we got back we threw a huge house warming party for ourselves to celebrate what God has done and invited all the Zambians involved with the building and construction, the Ciyanjano crew and number of friends, neighbors and colleagues and ACTION Zambia's board of directors. It was a nice chance for my family to meet and spend a little time with a lot of our Zambian friends. Lastly we spent the night down in Siavonga on Lake Kariba. This is really one of my favorite places in the world. And the drive there over the escarpment is so different than the trip to Livingstone so my family got to see a wide range of Zambian landscapes. Overall, a big success. We're back now and ready for a very busy season and lots and lots to do from battling bureaucracy to building toilets to hosting camps and teams and conferences. Keep an eye out for many new posts.