APC Pastor Retreat

Good times here at Ciyanjano! This last weekend we were able to have most the pastors from ACTION Pastors College out to Ciyanjano for a three day retreat. I did the majority of the cooking and in the mornings it almost felt like I was back at the Little Cheerful slinging hot potatoes, mexican-style scrambled eggs and buttered toast. At dinners I had our local ladies make nshima and some traditional relishes while I grilled sausages for bbq beans and grilled a half dozen chickens. Besides being fed with  tons of food, our pastors were fed with the Word in hours of teaching from our pastor from the U.S. Pete Williamson, and our assistant director and head of the Pastoral Leadership Development ministry at AZ, Tracy Singleton. To round things out we had local pastor and AZ instructor, Wozifera Ngoma teach some sessions as well. A huge highlight for me was having the chance to hear my pastor preach for the first time in a year and half. Overall, I think everything went great and I had so much fun serving the pastors and listening in on some wonderful teaching. Thanks especially to Oikos Fellowship for providing the funds to make this retreat happen!