Glamorous White Lady

Seriously people, those of you who know me (Tricia) back in the States know that I am totally NOT glamorous. And those of you reading our blog once in awhile know that mostly I garden, cook, and take care of my dirty, dirty children while trying to serve the church here in Zambia.

Based on these things, it might surprise you as much as it surprises me to find out that Zambians expect me to be very glamorous. Oftentimes they are completely shocked at my basic skills...

For example:

One of the young Zambian guys that works here at Ciyanjano stood with his jaw dropped when he saw me whistling. He couldn't believe it. I told him that I might be a foreigner but I do have lips!

Driving. When people in Kasupe see me driving instead of Kelly they are just doubled over with giggles. Who is this white lady who drives herself around?? Why doesn't she have a driver? But even worse are the times when people see me walking and ask, where is your vehicle?

Cleaning... oh my goodness this one really gets me. At church the other day the ladies group said we were going to meet Thursday morning to clean the church for the upcoming conference. I said I would be there at 9am to help out. The leader's response was, "You know how to sweep??"

Here in Zambia, unless you are the poorest of the poor, you have a full-time maid. By full-time I mean 6 days a week. It completely boggles the minds of most Zambians that I don't have a full-time maid. I have a very nice lady, Prudence, who cleans for me two mornings a week. But even with her help, I still have plenty of opportunities to clean considering that we live in the dustiest place I've ever seen.

Cooking. The fact that I have learned to make simple Zambian dishes, in over two years of living here is an endless topic of conversation with people. Yes, I really can dice tomato and onions!

Anyway, long story short, I don't know if it is television or movies or what but Zambians seems to have this glamorous picture of white ladies, especially Americans, just sitting around getting their nails done and doing nothing while someone else watches the kids, cleans the house, and drives their fancy-pants behinds around. So, I just want to say "cheers" to all the regular ole white ladies I know who are back in the States cleaning their toilets and wiping booger-covered upper lips, and circling for parking spots at the mall. I love you guys and you are totally glamorous to me!!!!!


Lisa Roll said…
Way to go, Fancy Pants! Perhaps over time, their surprise may grow into respect...cause you work so hard!!
Love it!
Anonymous said…
Tricia, you're a glamour girl if I ever did see one. :) We'll send you pictures of all the ladies of Oikos with brooms in hand, so you can show people that Americans can sweep too. Love ya! - Kat