Color Wars

Around the Huck-a-home there has been a serious color war, but not what you might expect. It's between Kelly and I. We'll call it the Flamboyant Controversy. A particularly lovely tree blooms this time of year around Lusaka. Without a doubt, the flowers on this tree are a gorgeous dark orange color. Kelly persists in saying the blooms are red. After going back and forth about this for a second year, we began asking a few of the people around us what they thought. Based on feedback I developed the theory that women would say the blooms were orange, while most men would say they were red... the reason being that most men will just pick the primary color that the color is closest to! After posing my theory we didn't discuss it again.

Fast forward a few days when I went online and got on Kelly's facebook. Occasionally people will send me messages there which I will never receive if I don't just go snoop in his messages myself. (Seriously, I am not spying on him, it's just the only way for me to make sure I'm not missing correspondence, for reals!!!!) And what do I see on his facebook but his very own casual survey of his friends about what color the blooms are.

For the most part, my theory seems to hold true and I was even very pleased to see a comment from our  super friend, Jordan Levien, that basically re-stated my own theory. Thank you, Jordan. I believe you have brought the Flamboyant Controversy to a close. You may agree with Kelly about the color, but ultimately... I was still right.