Home Mission Assignment

As many of you know, our Home Assignment for 2016 did not turn out the way any of our family expected. Again. Considering some of the issues we had this last year and with Kelly's knee injury and Ethel's seizures we felt like it was time to get some R & R in the US and get some much needed time with family and friends and time a our sending church.

Our goal is to return to Lusaka, Zambia ready to dive back into ministry. Our director is asking us to be 100% funded by that time. Due to support lagging off and due to the rising cost of living in Zambia, we welcome monthly supporters and also one-time gifts. Home Assignment is a great time for us to connect with current donors and those interested in becoming donors. If you are wanting to connect with us during these last months of home assignment to find out more about ACTION Zambia and/or our work at Ciyanjano, please feel free to contact us at thehuckabyfamily@gmail.com.

What is Home Mission Assignment? 
First of all, Home Mission Assignment (HMA) is a period of time spent back in the United States between terms in the field. For ACTION International missionaries who spend three full years in country, we are supposed to take six months HMA. It gives missionaries the opportunity to report to their home church, other supporting churches, supporters, partners and donors, and also ACTION International's home office in Washington. During this time missionaries share about their work in the field, raise financial and prayer support for upcoming terms, raise money for special projects, recruit potential missionaries, and call on the Church in the U.S. to join us in the field by sharing vision.

Second of all, HMA provides a time for missionaries to rest and renew from the cultural fatigue of living and working abroad. It gives them the chance to spend extended time with family and friends who they may not see for years while serving oversees. It gives them a chance to process their time in the field with pastors and family members and friends. It provides important time especially for grandparents to see their grandchildren!

Do you continue to get support? 
Yes. Please! While on HMA we continue with the same group of supporters the whole time while we debrief, share and prepare for returning to the field. It is also an expensive time for us to be traveling, buying new clothes and shoes and replacing electronics and other needs for our next term. We continue to have medical expenses, travel expenses and living expenses. So we need our regular supports to continue their giving during HMA.

How can I help?
You can help by continuing giving if you are a regular donor. You can ask your pastor or mission's pastor about giving us time to share about Zambia and Ciyanjano. You can have your small group/bible study/life group/cell group meet for dessert and invite us to share our hearts about Africa. You can make special donations to provide the cash for our HMA or to help us to come visit you if you're out of the way.

PRAY. Pray for safe travels. Pray that all the time on the road would not be too hard on the children (or the parents). Pray for new supporters and additional financial partners to see what God is doing in Zambia. Pray for new recruits. Pray that we get some rest and peace and encouragement and renewal and joy and that we're ready to return to Zambia when it's all over. Woo hoo!


Anonymous said…
Woohoo!! Exciting time to come. We'll be praying for the prep time and the transition time. Lots of fun & excitement but I'm sure a lot of work and stress too.
faithministries said…
Greetings from Pastor.Rambabu Joseph India,
you are doing a great work in zambia,i praise god for it.
i would like to invite you all to india.
i would like to connect with you all.

thanking you all.