Emergency Flight

Please continue to pray for our family as our plans continue to change. Tricia's father continues to decline rapidly. Last week the doctors gave him about six months and at the beginning of the week the they were giving him at least a month. Last night we heard that it's more like a few weeks at best. The cancer in his bones is causing total agony and they have to keep him very heavily medicated. Last night Tricia spoke to him and realized that the timeframe to see him had all but collapsed. So last night I booked emergency tickets for Tricia and Lucas to fly into Seattle this Tuesday. PLEASE PRAY!!!
     - for Tricia and Lucas from Sunday night - Tuesday afternoon for traveling mercies.
     - for Tricia as she has to leave Zambia way ahead of our planned furlough, and even ahead of our emergency furlough plans. She's not ready to say goodbye to our home and friends here. There is so much unfinished business.
     - for Tricia as she returns to say a much too early goodbye to her dad.
     - for Kelly and the girls appointment at the embassy on monday morning to get visas for the girls.
     - for our health, we're exhausted and can't sleep and fighting a cold or the flu.
     - for the girls and lucas having to split up our family, that God would protect their little hearts and souls and minds from anxiety, fear or anger.
     - for finding flights for Kelly and the girls.

Thank you to all of the people praying and sending encouraging notes. We love and appreciate you. Even in this hard time God has been faithful through the generosity of his people. We've been given and vehicle to use and an apartment to live in once we're all together in Bellingham.
Praise be to God! Let Him receive the glory!


Danielle said…
I am just reading about all of this, and I am so sorry that this is all happening. Our prayers are with you guys for smooth travels and visas, and for peace for each member of your family.
Amy said…
We are praying for you!
Anonymous said…
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