EMERGENCY Furlough Plans

Greetings friends and family,

If you read our blog or received the last update email then you know that the Huckaby family was planning on returning to the States in mid-July and staying on through the new year. We've been struggling with the news that Tricia's father is extremely sick and we've been waiting for a diagnosis. Finally this week we found out that he has a very aggressive form of cancer with tumors throughout his body. It's spreading so fast that there was no evidence of it just three months ago. Due to the aggressiveness of the tumors and his very poor health, the doctors have decided to use radiation on some of the tumors in his hips which are causing extreme pain and have fractured his hip. This treatment will only bring some relief from the pain in that area. They've only given him around 6 months. 

With this news we've scrapped our furlough plans and are working out the details as they come. If we have contacted you with specific dates that we would have visited you... it's likely those will change. Tricia and Lucas will be flying back to Seattle on April 4/5th. That was the earliest flight we could get for them. They'll be staying with her parents in Northern Washington and helping them in any way they can. The girls and I will be staying on in Zambia to finish working out the details of my responsibilities here. We also need to get visas for the girls as we're still waiting for the Dept. of Homeland Security to give us an interview for their naturalization. Anyway, we have a lot to figure out before we join Tricia and Lucas in the States but we are hoping to be together again as soon as possible. This will be the first time that our family will be split up since the girls moved in with us over two years ago and they are very worried about it. Joy is especially shaken up and is crying and acting out because of fear and anger. 

Thank you to all the people that have been emailing, calling, and offering help. With the stress of splitting up the family for a month or more, trying to pack up our house here and make emergency plans, on top of the news from Tricia's folks, please don't be offended if we don't get back to you. Emails are the best way to reach us and will be the best way to reach Tricia after she arrives. But again, please don't feel offended if you don't hear back from us! We are receiving your notes and appreciate them, but just don't have the energy to return emails and calls right now. Please pray!!

     -for safe flights for Tricia and Lucas
     -for peaceful family time over the next 3 weeks while they get ready to leave
     -for the girls who've been through the heartbreak of abandonment already and are afraid about what's happening
     -for Kelly while he wraps up his responsibilities early at Ciyanjano
     -for all the paperwork and visas needed for the girls to travel
     -for a place to live in the Bellingham area 
     -for a vehicle 
     -for our plans for the rest of furlough to come together
     -for improvement and encouragement for Tricia's dad and that she will arrive in time to spend time with him

     -that we were able to change Tricia and Lucas' tickets for only $100! (flying out two days earlier would have cost us $790!!)
     -that we have a team here to take over the ministry while we're gone
     -that Tricia's father and mother are putting their trust in the Lord during this difficult time and when the time comes, Jesus will be welcoming Ron with open arms into the kingdom of heaven! 

Thank you for reading this long email ;) and thank you again for praying for us and supporting us. If you are a monthly supporter, please don't stop your support! We will still need our monthly support during our furlough and upon our return to Zambia. God bless you all,

Kelly Huckaby for the family