Well here we are back in America. The land flowing with ice cream and mexican food. The girls and I had a great trip over from Zambia. Our flight to London was totally uneventful. Customs and immigration were a breeze and the hotel was perfectly quiet, insanely clean, and so futuristic - the girls loved the auto flushing toilets, lights that came on by themselves, and the tv in the room - they thought the news program was someone trying to call us on Skype.

freezing at the bus stop

at LHR

checking out the goodies in their happy meals

We had some terrible McDonalds and slept late and survived the freezing temps. In the morning we had a wonderful visit with our dear friends the Melvilles.

Randolph and Madeline 

We got a bit delayed in LHR the next morning but the girls were excited to see our double decker airplane. They kept asking during the whole flight whether we had already landed. When we hit some heavy bumps coming into SEA they cheered and laughed.

Finally we got picked up by the Williamsons at SEA (we were also greeted at the arrivals by our friends the Armstrongs but Josh has failed to send me some pics of them!)

So what have we been up to ever since? We've mostly been getting settled into our apartment, trying to buy clothes for this freezing wet weather, getting the kids into school and spending lots of time with Tricia's folks.

So thank you for the prayer and for the calls and emails. We'll be emerging from our jet-lagged, culture-shocked, bubble of exhaustion sometime in the next two weeks and then we should hang out at Mallards and get and ice cream sundae or maybe catch a taco at La Gloria.