No Gnus is Good Gnus

Hello folks! This is Tricia doing a quick report for y'all about our first weeks in the good old US of A. Believe it or not, things have been even stranger than we ever imagined, but also really wonderful too. Maybe it has seemed like we haven't had any news. And there really isn't any BIG news but here's the small news anyway.

There may be some things that you are wondering about so let's just get a couple things out of the way:
1.  The thing we missed the most: of course our family and friends!!! Seeing family and friends that we have missed so much is absolutely fantastic. You all look gorgeous!!! We are surely missing our Zambian family and friends but are absolutely STOKED to be seeing everyone here. Okay, I'll say it... the second thing is surely the food. I had some breaded and fried cod the other day that brought tears to my eyes and I got a little choked up. Seriously, it was that good.
2. The thing we are most grateful for:  honestly the first thing is just that we've been able to spend time with my dad. He is hanging in there longer than we thought at first and it's a gift from God. And I am so happy that he is trusting the Lord and will be able to be with the Lord soon. The second thing is the provision of God. God has moved people to really have everything ready for us and though there have been a lot of little details for us to take care of over these last weeks, we basically had a place to land and a vehicle and a church home all ready to go!!!
3.  The thing we DIDN'T miss the most:  drizzling rain. Yes I know that's what makes the trees so green but that's just what PNW'ers say to comfort themselves about the abusive relationship they are stuck in with the weather here. Second thing:  bumper stickers... and yes, I mean all of them.
4.  The biggest adjustment for us:  getting used to family life here in the States. Um, maybe y'all don't remember, but when we left we had one really tiny kid. And we had grandparents nearby that were ready and willing to babysit. Kelly and I pretty much did whatever we wanted. Now we have three much bigger ones and my mom already has a full plate taking care of my dad at hospice. Trying to get the kids settled and healthy and happy, and us too, has been crazy.

Okay, so I think that covers the FAQ's I've been getting, at least a little bit. Of course I can go on and on about the differences between Bellingham and Lusaka but you guys hear that stuff from us all the time. Mostly what I wanted to tell you is that despite the surprise visit with Ethel to urgent care to get an earring surgically removed from inside her earlobe, and despite news that Kelly needs eye surgery, and despite the nasty cold that is making its way through our family, and despite my dad's slow decline in hospice care, and despite weeping in front of Cordata elementary school because I'm still a control freak after all, despite being unable to see nearly as many friends each day as I would like, despite all of these trials:  God is GOOD.

And we Huckabys are glad to be here in America. It's so good to enjoy your company, my dear American friends. And it's so good to have an opportunity to miss Zambia and our friends there and let it all grow dearer and dearer in our hearts. Our heavenly Father will strengthen us for our daily struggles and we will be better for it. Please DO keep praying for us. Just because we aren't on the field, doesn't mean you can forget all about us!!! Please remember us and pray that we would stay focused on our Lord and the mission he has given us. Please pray that we won't be seduced into comfort and apathy but that the Holy Spirit would continue to urge us toward good works for the glory of God. Amen!