October Update Pt 3 (APC Alumni Visits!)

One of THE COOLEST things we get to do is visit the 2011 graduates of ACTION Pastors College. The hardest part, especially considering our schedule, is choosing who to visit! This time we were able to visit pastor Bruce Kaumba in Kanyama compound and Patson Sakala in Ngombe compound. Pray for these pastors as they preach the Word and serve children for the sake of the Gospel and the name of Jesus! See the captions for details:
At Centre of Grace in Kanyama
Talking shop and checking in with pastor Bruce

Azibusa (pastors) Pete and Bruce and Bruce's wife Christabel outside their school

Happy teachers =

Happy kids!

Pastor Patson casting vision for his growing school and ministry to children in Ngombe!

the kids in Ngombe were hard at work too

teachers make the difference!

kids getting ready for lunch!

Patson showing Pete all the additional property they've been blessed with and sharing his hopes and dreams for the future