October Update Pt 4 (APC Pastor's Retreat)

What a great way to spend a weekend at Ciyanjano with our ACTION Pastors College pastors. Next month they'll be graduating from APC after three long years of hard work and dedication. So while Pete was here we held a retreat for them full of excellent teaching, good food, times of worship and praise, laughter and fun. I got to put my Little Cheerful Cafe skills to use by cooking and serving breakfast, planning meals, buying groceries and overseeing our new kitchen staff. Pray for these pastors as they graduate next month. Pray that God would bless their ministries and families.
The pastors learn about balance on the "whale watch" feature of our team-building course

They had a pretty hard time doing but still had a great time!

Also fun to see these guys wearing shorts! 

debriefing time

Learning to pass the spinning wheelies.

After a rough start Pastor Tracy figured it out and the guys cheered for him

Teaching time
drumming, singing worship songs and dancing around the fire