Let's Rewind to Highlight our Intern of the Year (July at Ciyanjano)

So, yes. Our blog is extremely behind the times. So much has happened in the last three months so let me catch you up slowly and start with a highlight from our busiest season of the year. This year, Ciyanjano had our first intern. ACTION Zambia hasn't had an official intern since 2009 (I think) and this year we decided it was time to try it out. First of all we had a busy June with our team from West Hills Community Church teaching the Champs about the Kidzana evangelism program. And we knew that we'd be busy in August with a team from Koninoia Conference grounds. So we thought it would be a good time to bring in an extra set of hands to help out with children's ministry for the month of July. ACTION International partners with Youth Missions International (also based out of Seattle) to train teams and interns for ACTION fields. YMI trains 'em and sends 'em out to crazy places like Zambia to get a feel for international missions and catch the passion of the work of ACTION fields. There's not much for me to say about our intern. Except that she was the perfect fit for our team at the perfect time. That she worked hard and helped in a dozen ways and became an instant family member for us at Ciyanjano. Jenna helped teach at Ciyanjano Bible Club, volunteered at the AZ partner church feeding program for children with HIV, participated in Champs, helped us run a huge outreach with Chisomo Baptist in Matero with the Champs, spent lots of time with Holly and our family and also did P.E. with our kids. We LOVED having her here and have been praying for her return ever since. Her heart for kids and love for Jesus was shining bright every day for the whole month she was here, even with bushbabies running around her apartment at night, crazy jet lag, a steady diet of cereal, she showed our family and the kids of Ciyanjano huge love. We're fielding requests for summer interns and we're holding out for a return of the Jenna.
PS. YMI you set the bar a little high for your first intern! :)
Jenna with matching cheese puffs at Champs

Jenna and the girls

Watching The Wizard of Oz on "Pajama Day"

Jenna and Manny

At the Chisomo Baptist outreach in Matero with the Champs

Chisomo Baptist outreach in Matero pushing 150 kids

What kind of intern buys you a cake?

Jenna and the crew (I think Manny's peeing)

J & T