Finishing 2017 with Camp!!

Camp Ciyanjano finished 2017 by hosting a group from a local children's village for a super fun camp. It was a great time to reconnect with experienced Champs leaders and to welcome new Champs and get them warmed up. The leaders did a great job getting to know the kids and running a wide variety of lessons and activities.

The Champs planned a lot of fun games that the kids really enjoyed.

Aunty Josephine is expecting her second child and is a little slower than the other Champs, but still came by to visit all of us and support the leaders.

All of the team building activities were a huge hit with the campers and leaders alike.

The Crocodile Shuffle is a real challenge, even for the leaders.
The Spiderweb activity was a lot of fun. Leaders noticed that the girls had a harder time with this challenge, while the boys had a harder time with the Crocodile Shuffle.

Really happy to work with a great group of young people who love Jesus and love kids!

Auntie Nkumbu giving her lesson on conflict resolution.

Leaders having fun with dress-up costumes to add a little more color to the games.

The campers were glad to have so many leaders around to interact with.

We really had a great time with this group, and even though Kelly is the AZ Director now, we plan to stay involved in the camp ministry at Ciyanjano. We love sharing the gospel with kids and building them up in their faith!