Vehicle Project

Click here now to give towards a new vehicle for the Huckaby Family and write "Vehicle Fund" in the comment section.

I am writing  to ask if you or your church would prayerfully consider giving a one-time gift towards a special project. We’ve been in Zambia since 2010 and our family has grown, along with our responsibilities. A newer (used) vehicle that is capable of heavy-use for a large family is necessary for where we live and do ministry. Our vehicle is used often as an ambulance and transport vehicle for funerals, we carry seed and fertiliser to farms for the elderly. As one of the only vehicle owners in our community I am often called out in the night to drive the sick or injured or women in labor to clinics in town. Our vehicle is a mission vehicle; we treat it as a resource to be shared with our community whenever there is need. 
  • Firstly:  our current vehicle, an 8-seater SUV called a Land Cruiser Prado has served us well in Zambia for almost 4 years. However, the average life expectancy for a new (used) vehicle brought into Zambia from Japan is about 3 years. These (vehicles are considered “new” when they’re imported but are usually between 12-15 years old already but have not been abused by the rough Zambian roads and low quality fuel). Our vehicle has outlived it’s life expectancy due to regular, careful maintenance but has started to give us trouble every month with multiple problems in the suspension, brakes and steering system.
  • Secondly:  our family has grown by two extra children we adopted more than 3 years ago and we are currently fostering 4 children, so we need a newer vehicle that has at least 11 seatbelts. 
  • Lastly:   this vehicle needs to be of a heavier duty, off-road type vehicle that can manage getting in and out of both urban slums and rural bush. The Land Cruiser Prado we drive is really a city vehicle made for snow or mud or gravel roads but not the heavy off-road experience of driving both in  the city and in the slums and farms where we do ministry. As the country director I am required to make visits into many places where the “roads” are little more than a dirt foot path and often consist of deep mud and standing water in the rainy season. Please consider a gift towards keeping our family and mission moving forward. Please contact me to find out the most convenient way to give, or with any questions.

8 seats, 9 kids, 4 years of bad roads = trouble