ACTION Zambia Christmas Outreach with Chisomo Baptist

Christmas Outreaches Help Bring Kids to Camp!

Every year, ACTION International holds evangelistic Christmas Outreach parties in dozens of countries. ACTION Zambia's mandate to build up the local church works in many ways through Christmas Outreaches. The leaders are the Ciyanjano Champs who have been through the Discipleship 2:7 program and work with children at Ciyanjano and in their own communities. These outreaches are amazing because we have the opportunity to mix ACTION Zambia's various ministries by serving, children, churches, pastors and youth. The last two years we have been conducting the outreaches from some local churches where local pastors are trying to build interest in children's ministry and evangelism. They invite children from the community and invite their own leaders to work along side the Champs leading songs, games, crafts and serving a hot lunch and the pastor preaches an evangelical Christmas message specifically for children. This is awesome because churches in Zambia generally do not put a high priority on children's ministry and yet there are so many kids in this country! The exciting thing is that the kids from the outreach then have the opportunity to meet local church youth leaders and the pastor and have a great Christmas party and then they have the opportunity to come to Camp Ciyanjano for 4 days for a followup! Pray for these kids from Matero township and for Chisomo Baptist Church, that we'd have a chance to work with many of these kids at camp this April!  
200 Kids and 11 Leaders at Champs Christmas Outreach with Chisomo Baptist 


Linda Sorenson said…
Hello Huckabys! Excited to hear you are coming to visit the NW this summer. Hope we might get a chance to see you!
Thanks for the emailed newsletter. I am not on Facebook so I appreciate the email. I think I should bookmark your blog site and check in once in a while.
You continue you be in our prayers but it is always good to get pictures and hear the updates.
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