Personal Family Update

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your prayers and support during 2018. I hope you will join us on this journey in 2019 as well. Kelly and I are not all that competent, special or great, but we serve the most amazing and astounding God and are continually humbled and joyful as we see all that he accomplishes in this crazy life. Choosing to serve our Lord Jesus... to try daily to put Him first... it's the best decision and we are so thankful that he invited us to be part of his big family. If you have not made Jesus your Lord, Saviour, friend, comforter, King... then we encourage you to take that step! Now!

We've had an enjoyable Christmas break with much-needed family time and visits with friends. We thank God for giving us a bit of rest and re-booting us for the year ahead. Here are a bunch of pictures of our school break.

We took our kids along with Hellen and Prudence Kakoshi to a game park to celebrate the completion of the school year. It felt so good to get 8 kids through a whole year of school!

Hellen & Prudence try out a boat ride for the first time.

We also went on a family trip to Lake Kariba for a few days of swimming in the pool. We can't swim in the Lake, but it is a beautiful view.

We went to a fancy lodge for lunch and the boys got silly one the helicopter pad.

Our kids just want to be silly and swim in the pool...

We also had our ACTION Zambia staff and their families over for a Christmas celebration. Everyone ate A LOT and had A LOT of fun!!!

John Chitambo, Wozifera & Easter Ngoma, Jailos Sakala, Akson Weza, Kelly, Cosmos Tembo, Eta Imasiku, and me... our little ACTION Zambia team.

A favorite tradition is having our friends, the Williamson family, over for Christmas Eve day. We always have a snowflake-cutting contest.

Ethel won the contest this year!

Lucas was excited to get second place.