muli bwanzi from Zambia!

Greetings from Lusaka. Tricia and I arrived safely in Lusaka on Sunday morning (after a 12 hour overnight layover in Nairobi) and have been running ever since. On Sunday night we stayed out at the farm and met the guards and their families who work and live there. Elizebeth and Leah made a huge Zambian meal and we all ate together at a huge table along with all the kids. We nshima which is like cornmeal dumplings along with a variety of "relish" which is what they call stewed veggies. I ate chicken for the second time in ten years! After the meal we had a bonfire and made smores and the Zambians sang worship songs and played the drums around the fire until the moon was high in the sky -it was so bright you hardly look directly at it. We also had a chance to walk around the property and through the village nearby. We met lots of people and everyone was super friendly and we were excited to meet the people here. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures and more info soon.
Thanks for all the prayer and care -
the Huckabys


LISA said…
So glad you are safe and sound...can't wait to hear more! Love and hugs to you both!