getting to work. a ciyanjano update.

Things have been busy around here lately and here's a little update as to what's happening at Ciyanjano. In the last month we have been working mostly on trying to get the water project finished. Our sister camp in California provided the bulk of the funds needed to modernize Ciynjano's ancient water system (I know it's not that old, but anything in Zambia more than couple of years might as well be ancient). This project started with digging a new borehole (see pics above!). Then our great Ciyanjano workers dug a massive series of ditches to lay water pipes and power to and from various locations to make the new borehole accessible. In the process of assessing our water needs we also discovered some major problems with the existing infrastructure and now that's getting dug up and redone as well. It's a huge undertaking! We've also had our first two church camps out in the new campground area. The groups reported that they liked the chalets and would be back again.
We are raising money to build a director's house out at Ciyanjano as well. We've got our plans drawn and turned into the Kafue District Council's office of Lands and Building (that was only half a fiasco) and we're vetting contractors to do the building. We have about 50% of what we need to complete the project and still need to raise about $12,000.
In the meantime I've been helping out around the office to fill in for some folks home on furlough, got to help write up the new contracts for our awesome Ciyanjano workers to reflect the new labor laws, not to mention trying to be a husband and a father of 3! SO if I've been slow getting back to you...
you know why!


Ted K said…
Thanks for the update. We are glad to hear of the progress and hope to be able to see it first hand very soon! Great photos.