Kasupe Road

Driving to Ciyanjano is an adventure. If you survive the minibuses, gravel trucks, drunks, wheelbarrow pushers, taxis, bottle and shake-shake trucks you'll have to navigate the deep waters of Kasupe Road. Bring your snorkle. Alas, according to the Kafue Council people this road is under contract to be tarred. I'll believe it when I see it. And MAN, will we be happy!
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Ted K said…
wow! I have never seen it that bad. I would think thoses little mini busses would be flooded out.
Rilla said…
This road is a real nightmare. I use it everyday as I live in the vicinity. I can't avoid it as I work in town. My poor car and my poor finances! I spend a fortune replacing shocks, c.v. joints, bearings and the works. I've noticed some works going on and people are saying the road is being tarred. I say its about time! My hope and prayer is that this time it is for real (as their have been such 'rumors' before)
Anonymous said…
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