Bible Club

So, in case you were wondering, there are a LOT of children in Africa; and here in Kasupe it's no different. I (Tricia) have met a lot of kids walking around Ciyanjano's neighborhood... a lot of kids with nothing to do but throw rocks and who knows what. Even the kids that are in school are completely bored about ten minutes after school is out.

As Kelly and I worked on Ciyanjano's ministry plans for 2013 and 2014, I have really felt God asking me to reach out to the children I know. Thus has begun a trial run of a Bible Club. What is a Bible Club you ask? Basically I'm just doing Sunday school stuff with the kids every Friday afternoon and my hope is to also help a few of them along with some reading and writing but... we'll see.

This Friday was our first meeting. I personally went around to kids' homes and spoke with moms and invited the kids. I invited 18 hoping to get somewhere between ten and twenty to actually show up at the right time. Well, yesterday I had around 26 kids and I think most of them are pictured above. Judy is my assistant, she is a teenage neighbor who is helping with translation and she is pictured at the top right.

How was our first meeting? Well, we met in our classroom building and sat in a big circle. I started with God creating the world and I'm using the Jesus Storybook Bible which Georgie Reed brought us recently. It's by far my favorite children's Bible and I'm so glad to have a new one to use. Anyway the kids loved it, and I was super pleased with Judy's help. She really got into it, and so did the kids. Then we colored. Everyone was having a blast. Then while we were singing a song, Judy's little sister quietly stood up and moved toward the center of the circle... and barfed. Yep, she just totally barfed. A lot.

Working in Zambia, and working with kids anywhere really, means rolling with the punches, right?! Anyway, we dealt with stuff and she was fine and the kids had a little more time to play at the playground than I anticipated, but that's fine. They were stoked!!! Next week will be another exciting adventure I'm sure. But I know that God has big plans for all these kids. Please pray for me and Judy and for all these gorgeous kids!!!!!


Kim b said…
Trish, you're pricless!
Kim b said…
Trish, you're pricless!
Anonymous said…
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