CROSS at Ciyanjano

This January we were rewriting the contracts for our workers here at Ciyanjano and thinking about the future of the ministry here and about serving the people that work for us - the people that help us serve churches. Every year we like to go through ACTION Zambia's child protection policy with our workers. It's a document that lays out appropriate behavior with children and is extremely important in a country where child abuse, including physical, sexual, and mental abuse is very common. Since Ciyanjano is hosting many children's camps and youth retreats and holding our own events we want to make sure that our employees are clear about expectations and appropriate interactions with children. In talking about how we could do better than just the child protection policy we decided to ask our own Derek and Kristin Dearth to come out to Ciyanjano and run a shortened, 10-week version of the CROSS curriculum. This course covers issues of HIV/AIDS, domestic abuse, gender issues, and especially how the gospel bears on these issues. I'm so excited that the Ciyanjano staff gets to go through this information with the CROSS team. Pray that they will hear the truth in love and turn every part of their lives over to Christ and pray that they will grow in their faith and joy and continue serving churches and children in a way that glorifies God. For more info on CROSS, check here.