California and Koinonia Family Camp!

Last week we had the great privilege and joy to be at Koinonia's annual Labor Day weekend Family Camp. Even though we have had an excellent first half of our home assignment, last week was particularly amazing. So, what was so special about our time in California? I thought you'd never ask.

1. We got off the plane and ate at my favorite fast food place. 

2. We stayed in Morgan Hill with friends from Zambia!

3. We worshipped at one of our supporting churches - an extra special church that was deeply involved in planting the ministry ACTION Zambia - West Hills Community Church. They sent a short term team to Ciyanjano last year to the Champs and other Zambian youth in how to use a an excellent cross-cultural tool for teaching the Bible to children.

4. We hung out with all the folks from that team and had such a blast with them!
West Hills friends!

Hanging with the WHCC folks

5. Went to the beach! I love the beach and it was the first time to see the ocean for Mark and Manny and I was so glad they loved it so much. However, getting sand out of their hair...
Buried alive at Capitola Beach

6. We went to Koinonia!!! This is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. In the Santa Cruz mountains, surrounded by ancient redwoods and our brothers and sisters in Christ from so many different walks of life.
Madness on the green at Koinonia

Joy finds a friend

Ethel and new friend

kid's worship

Uncle Dave!! Uncle Dave!! Uncle Dave!! Uncle Dave!!

Huckaby and Widman families together

Beautiful Koinonia
New friends!

7. We were utterly spoiled by our dear friends from Koinonia!

8. Being at Koinonia Family Camp was like a miniature preview of what heaven might be like. Christians from different churches, denominations, ethnicities, races, backgrounds worship God together, learn together, pray and feast together, play and enjoy time together! SO much fun and such wonderful new friends.

ball fight!
Instant BFFs
Kids brave the high ropes!
super Ethel!
This week has been a bit of a rough one - the kids are back at school, Tricia is back in California for her brother's wedding and I'm playing single dad. The kids love school but they never wanted to leave camp. I know how they feel.

Thank you Koinonia staff, board and friends for your love and support - a truly blessed experience at camp last week!