Home Assignment Update

Greeting friends and family!
Right now we are settled into our 2-bedroom flat in the northern end of Bellingham, Washington. It's a great home base and the kids are able to go back to the school they attended 3 years ago! The kids have their first day of school today and were nervous about getting lost or not meeting new friends. We're sure they''ll do great!

We have had the pleasure of visiting with a lot of great folks and updating people about our ministry. On Sunday we visited Communion Church in Mt. Vernon, which was awesome. Please pray that the Lord would raise funds we need for our family and special projects as well as recruit more missionaries for our team.

We also celebrated Lucas' 9th birthday with a visit to Grandma's for one last Washington swim in the lake. 
Saturday we're all headed down to California to visit our dear friends at West Hills Community Church and then to go to our sister camp, Koinonia Conference Grounds, for family camp! This is going to be a super time of reconnecting. As you can see things have become busy for us and we would love your prayers for smooth transitions and calm nerves for the children especially. We also ask that you be praying about this reading room project we are working on - that the Lord would bring in the funds we need for shipping from whatever sources he has in mind. We are getting a lot of book donations, which is very exciting.

Also, we are interested in working on a fund drive with Value Village but we need a team of helpers in Bellingham and then also helpers in any other city that would want to do this along with us. Are you interested in helping with this?? If you want to be on Tricia's team for this, please let us know. It is a pretty straightforward fundraiser and the funds will go to the shipping cost of the container that we are planning on converting into a reading room.

Lastly, we've noticed that many folks would like to meet with our whole family. This is rather difficult now that the kids are in school and dinner dates will really be stressful for our children. If you are able to meet Kelly and I for a coffee or lunch date during the day to talk about our ministry and catch up, that would be so helpful!!! If you are interested in setting up a meeting during school hours please let us know right away so that we can put something on the calendar.

Feel free to contact us at (360) 685-3917 or at thehuckabyfamily@gmail.com. You can also check out Kelly on Facebook or our blog at thehuckabyfamily.blogspot.com. And if you are interested in missions or in giving, check out ACTION International at www.actioninternational.org for lots of great info.

God bless you all and happy fall!!!!

Love Kelly, Tricia, Ethel, Joy, Mark, Lucas, and Manny
Action International Ministries/Zambia