What We Love About Kids' Camps

Yesterday was such a great reminder of what we love about kids' camps. We were given the awesome opportunity to take all five of our kids to Fir Creek in Bellingham. They get to attend each day this week. Talk about fun!!! 

As we walked up to the camp, it was bustling with excitement and full of already pumped kids. Our kids were a little nervous but they could easily see they were in for something special. Being on the opposite side of camp was a little strange - we kept feeling like any minute someone would point to us and say, "You! Yeah, you! You need to get over there and lead the craft." Or something along those lines. It was so encouraging to watch a great group of young people who love the Lord get ready to just dump love on all those kids.

When we went to pick up the kids, it was a little difficult to collect them because they wanted to go on to the next activity. Finally we got them into the van and listened to all five voices trying to tell us every cool thing about their day all at once. "Manny's leader is totally the funniest!" "I made a new friend and he taught me how to play Pokemon." "We played this game where you..."

The super neatest thing was when Ethel said, "And Mom, there are kids there at camp that are hearing about Jesus for the first time." And she went on to tell me about Bible study time and how some kids weren't Christians. They all wanted to show me the Bible they received. How wonderful is that!? We pray that the Lord will use Fir Creek in a mighty way in the lives of all these kids this week and this whole summer. And we pray that God would be using our camps and outreaches at Ciyanjano in the very same way. Praise the Lord!!!! I can't wait to hear what my kids have to say today!