Friends & Family 2010

Patson Sakala and family
Alfred Mwanza and wifeLucas in Garden
Peter Zulu and family

lucaslucas & auntie Kathrine

lucas and neighbor (christopher)tricia and christopher
tricia goes crazy on the fringilla trampolines
ameria morales

lucas in his "bigboy" pants


Heather said…
Awesome pictures!! Tricia!
LISA said…
That is an awesome picture of Lucas in his big boy pants...HILARIOUS!!
Your pictures are amazing and it makes me miss you all the more. You guys are special...praying that God works in you and through you in MIGHTY ways! FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!!
Love you...=)
Jackie T said…
Great Pictures! I just love seeing how much Lucas has grown! Please keep posting pictures of your family. I stand in awe at how the Lord lead your family. Your cup runs over!!!!!
Kim b said…
Great blog! So good to hear how your family's doing and see pictures! We're praying for your support and Ciyanjano ministry!

Z como com bili for all you do!!

By the way- the wives names in the photos above are
Patricia Sakala
Setilda Mwanza
Adelisi Zulu

Veet sweet women, please give them warm greeting from me!!

Kim Breuninger