Perfect 10

Today was a perfect 10 kind of day in Zambia. Even though we had a horrible night with Lucas last night (he was having nightmares all night and I believe it was some weird spiritual attack - please pray for protection for him), we all woke up well and had a very pleasant morning together. Then when auntie Kathryn came Lucas was excited to play with her and said good bye to us without any freaking out. We visited Chainama Mental Ward and sang and prayed with the ladies there. Then Kelly and I visited House of Moses orphanage to take some food over and visit with the babies (they are so beautiful it breaks your heart). And then we had an awesome Nyanja lesson! We are really enjoying working on our Nyanja. Please pray that God would make our minds like crazy sponges that soak up every word. Then we had a super delicious and wonderful time eating fish tacos with our friends, the Allens, who are getting ready to head back to the States for a furlough. Thank you God for a great day!!! Thank you that you strengthen us against discouragement and fatigue!


audrey said…
So glad to hear you had a good day!