A lesson in faithfulness

Something we have loved doing is getting to know the local pastors that work with ACTION Zambia. Every monday we have been visiting these pastors and meeting their families and seeing where they lead church. It's been humbling, amazing, encouraging, and inspiring. First, this is a great opportunity for us to visit the compounds(slums) with a guide. Most of these labyrinthine communities have no road signs and there are no maps; many roads are narrow, and completely impassable in the rainy season. Moving around in the compound without a guide is a good way to get seriously lost and maybe get yourself into some trouble - especially if you are near a strip of taverns.
This week we visited Patson Sakala. He pastors a small church of about 20+ people in N'gombe compound. He also does piece work as a brick layer to earn some income. His life story is amazing and a testament to God's transformative power. His ministry is picture of faithfulness. He essentially takes everything he earns and puts it towards building a school for kids in his community. Kids that would otherwise not go to school because of financial need. His large family (including a number of orphaned kids) lives in a small two room section of a building that he is outfitting as a school and orphanage. His wife teaches 1st through 5th grade. They take every bit of extra money and put it towards helping educate kids in their community, sacrificing physical and material comforts to develop the school. The word that comes to mind is DEVOTION. It's amazing. They have some serious financial needs before the end of the year to finish the roof (to keep the classrooms dry) and dig and build a pit latrine before the rainy season. If you'd like to help, please let me know! And PRAY FOR THE SAKALA FAMILY!

Patson Sakala