Nyanja Scrabble

So last night we thought it would be fun to review our Nyanja vocabulary by playing Scrabble using only Nyanja words. Kelly started off strong with "onetsa" which means "show" as in to show. All I could come up with after that was "nda" which is "I" in the past tense. Then the game pretty much ended because we forgot to take into account the fact that Scrabble is designed with English in mind. Nyanja Scrabble would need about 10 more k's, w's, u's, n's, and maybe a few more y's with about twenty more z's. So if you have ten extra sets of Scrabble letters laying around feel free to send them our way so we can try again!


geoff said…
I suggest talking to a local craftsman.. it could even be a bigger seller for them. Who wouldn't want a Nyanja Scrabble game hand made in Zambia?