Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bugs bugs bugs

Today I spent a crazy amount of time cleaning out my pantry and trying to decide if I should throw things away or not. I had a major infestation of bugs. In the states I used to just throw a box of whatever away if it was full of bugs, but here it seems like a real offense to do so. And this hot weather means things just don't last as long. Buying in bulk is starting to seem like a real waste.

It's a struggle because every part of me is just so totally grossed out. I found worms in my big bag of rice and these nasty little boogers in my rolled oats which had found their way into other things. I took the box of rolled oats outside and when I came back out to decide what to do with the oats, a billion of the little bugs had made a mass exodus from the box and were crawling up the walls of our house. It was freaky!!!

Later in the day I came outside to check on my wash to find that the utility sink was completely overflowing everywhere on the patio with dirty water. Why?? Because a huge dead cockroach was plugging up the drain. Yes I had to stick my hand in the dirty water and pull out the huge cockroach. Ugh. Blech. I love Africa!


audwolf said...

I was dry heaving while reading this...

Pami said...

Oh yes...the bug conundrum. There's a saying about missionaries that goes something like, "Bugs in the food. First term, throw it all out. Second term, sift it or pick the bugs out. Third term, eh...what's wrong with a little protein." And it's SO true! As an MK, I ate (gagged on) many a buggy waffle. Yuck!