Don't make me pull this car over

So now that we have two more kids in the family, things in the back seat of the truck have gotten a little too close for comfort. Lucas pretty much can't keep his hands off the girls. He is constantly poking, petting, swatting, licking (I'm not kidding), pinching... you name it. Poor Mutale is in the middle and so she gets the lion's share of the harassment. Anyway, we had to finally banish Lucas to the VERY back seat to try to calm things down a little bit. Driving in Lusaka is hairy enough without all this drama. Now Lucas just periodically finds things to throw at the girls like peanuts, sun shades, tupperware... whatever he can find.

But in the past couple of days we have found an amazing trick that completely subdues our troublesome trio in the truck: Nyanja lessons! Mommy sits and reads through our Nyanja vocabulary and then reads the English translation. The girls find this exercise completely fascinating and hilarious. At the same time, Lucas is learning more Nyanja and the girls are learning more English. And, it is excellent review for us. Everybody is happy... at least until this gets boring for them. And then? I guess it will be time for Bemba lessons!


Julia said…
Love that you can entertain the kids by teaching them the language!
Elliot and I thought of you yesterday when we had breakfast at The Little Cheerful (Our first time!). We enjoyed seeing Lucas and Kelly's pictures in the menu!