Turning Point

We have reached an important turning point today, basically our six-month anniversary of living in Lusaka. Yesterday we dropped off our friend Katy at the airport. Needless to say there is a palpable hole around our house today. We had such an excellent visit with her. But her leaving marks the end of a number of things... the holidays, our wooing of Mutale and Ethel who are now officially our foster children, and our orientation period with ACTION Zambia.

Today was a major turning point for us Huckabys: it was the beginning of "real life" here in Lusaka. Kelly went off in the morning to work out at Ciyanjano (buying plumbing supplies for a water tank project, meeting with our Director and the workers out at the center, and going over policy changes). I stayed home with my three kids (huh?)Two of these crumbgrabbers I barely know and the last is like some shadowy defiant monster version of his former self.

In addition to just making sure the kids lived through the day, I started "school" with Ethel. Actually, that was probably the high point. Mostly I just passed out time-outs like they were going out of style. So on one hand we can't help but have thoughts like, "Is this really my life?" And on the other hand we are feeling excited to actually get settled into this completely new Huckaby experience.

I have never felt more certain that I need to totally depend on God's grace than I do right now. How awesome that God freely gives that grace to whoever trusts in him and believes in his son. So I've got that going for me.


Anonymous said…
you're doing great champ! I can't believe it's been 6 months already.
Rikki said…
i've been thinking about you guys lately, and your foster/adoption process. praying for you...God's grace on you all! happy 6 months!