Kasupe Play Day

When the wind isn't blowing too hard and we have some free time, we like to go out onto Camp Ciyanjano's football pitch and kick around our giant soccer ball. It only takes about two minutes for about 20 kids to appear out of nowhere and get in on the fun. It's incredible to see how many kids live out here. One of the teachers from the big government school behind Ciyanjano told me there were almost 2000 kids at their school (and I know that there are lots of other small community schools and that lots of kids out here don't go to school at all. Please pray for the children of Kasupe. These kids are beautiful and wonderful little people that live a pretty tough life out here in rural Africa. Pray that they would get education, pray for health and safety, pray against the abundant witchcraft that plagues the village, pray that they would grow into a strong generation of young men and women who love Jesus.