This is/was Kasupe Road, the road out to Ciyanjano. These two pictures were taken in approximately the same place 6 months apart. The word on the street is that a Chinese ice cream factory is moving into the area and they paid for the work to be done. So far the road covers about half of the 7km out to the camp. Here's the problem - it seems they have stopped about halfway and have either run out of money, OR they are waiting for the elections to be closer so they can use the road to the advantage of the current local government. The other problem is that the road is really not that thick -it's not laid very well and when the rains come and the water table rises the springs along Kasupe Rd are going to come up underneath and break out the asphalt. Which means that instead of mud in two years we'll have mud AND large chunks of broken concrete. Hmmm. Progress?