Part of the Family

Today we have the wonderful news to report that our adoptions have been finalized on the Zambia side! It truly was a miracle and we want to thank everyone who prayed and prayed and prayed. The first time we sat before the magistrate it seemed very negative and we couldn't really figure out why he wouldn't approve the adoption. This morning, it was no problem. He was friendly and went through the whole process, finalized the adoption, and seemed happy for us. THANK YOU GOD!!!! We are so thrilled and relieved to (legally) add two more Huckabys to this team.

So, we humbly and thankfully introduce Ethel Audrey Huckaby age 5 and Mutale Joy Huckaby age 3. Ethel will turn 6 on September 30 and Mutale will turn 4 on November 30. That now makes Lucas our middle child! Adoption is such a crazy and awesome trip!


Zach said…
Congratulations! When will you be able to post pictures?
Anonymous said…
Wahoo!!! Welcome, Ethel and Mutale! We're so excited to meet you and we love you already!
This is AWESOME!!! Congratulations! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!